For the love of God, why?

PooHello readers.  I know what you’re asking yourself: “Should I be worried about that burning sensation?”  But your second question is, undoubtedly, why would two otherwise normal looking ladies choose a title like “Girls Poop Rainbows”?  Firstly, “normal”… you’re adorable readers!  Also, I’m so sorry for what’s about to happen to your fresh-faced naïveté.

Second, we loved the title because it embodies what we hope to accomplish with our podcast.  As two street-smart New York ladies, we often encounter the gamut of expectations of women in our society.  NYC is a mecca of fashion, art, and commerce, and everyone has to bring their A-game to even exist.  Unfortunately, in our society the deck is stacked against ladies, and NYC is like a photoshopped pic of this fact, blown up and punched into your face.  Women are expected to be feminine, but also in shape, but not TOO in shape.  We should have awesome, fulfilling careers, but also maintain an active social life.  We should be great, supportive girlfriends/fiancées/wives, but not clingy, or shrewish, or “crazy.”  Also, Super-moms.  And never anything bad ever, and if you are, you’re somehow sub-human.  You fail at Womanhood.  Basically, girls should poop rainbows.

But here’s the thing.  Girls shit.  Girls are full of shit.  Smelly, smelly shit.  And you know what?  That’s awesome!!  We are crass, and goofy, and funny, and fabulous.  And Zontee and I are here to rage against the Woman Machine!  We have shit to say, and we are going to swear and say messed up stuff about dongs, and be stupid and unladylike.  We are REAL women.  Deal with it.

Michelle Urcuyo


  1. Do you ladies have an email address? I was looking for one and could not find one. Not all of us are au fait with Facebook and Twitter etc.

    • Hi Jodiebodie, sorry I missed your comment! You can reach us at thegirls [at]

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