Girls Who Rock: Teen Girl Scientist Monthly

After college, my first “real apartment” was actually a converted loft in Bushwick. Now I know what you’re thinking—God, Zontee, you are such a B.S. New York stereotype…why don’t you just jump off a cliff—but this was WAYYYY before Bushwick was a cool place. Back then, we loved it for the cheap rent, bodega beer, and the fact that our local greasy spoon (open exclusively between 3 am and noon) was only frequented by truck drivers and factory workers. Well, “love” may be a strong word, but I certainly found it to be an exciting life experience.

Going to NYU, I lived in apartment-style dorms (yes, I know: Cliff. Jump.) all 4 years of undergrad and never had to share my space with a bunch of lackadaisical artist types…so my time in Bushwick really took the place of that coming-of-age ritual. I lived in an artists’ loft with 12 bedrooms (only 6 to 8 which were occupied when I was there) and found myself at the age of 22 to be the only person with a “real job”. It was actually pretty amazing all around, albeit a little frazzling when your alcoholic painter roommate starts acting all crazy on a workday evening, and I’m still friends with quite a few of the people I met there.

One of the people I met was Melissa Lusk, a singer and all around great gal, whose band was recently featured on Buzzfeed’s 31 Excellent Records You Might Have Missed in 2013! If you haven’t checked out Teen Girl Scientist Monthly, do yourself a favor and listen to the song embedded below!

Teen Girl Scientist Monthly

Listen here:

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