A sense of humor will serve you well everywhere

A sense of humor will serve you well everywhere | Girls Poop Rainbows

Last week, the Whole Foods in Gowanus, Brooklyn opened up. Now, for those of you who don’t live in New York City, this might not sound like much of a big deal, but this supermarket has been 10 years in the making, and with its location on the Gowanus Canal, a former industrial area of NYC, it’s serving a lot of communities with limited access to your bigger, traditional supermarkets…plus it’s kind of awesome with a lot of eco-friendly, thoughtful design elements (like a carport that is also a solar array and rain catchment system! Watch this neat little video for more info!).

I know. You’re probably thinking, God, that is SO Brooklyn. Rain catchments? Solar charging? Or as the French say, according to my friend Selmatrès Brooklyn. I think that, for many, Brooklyn has become a touch-point for things that are cooler-than-thou, but the truth is that it’s a HUGE land-mass with dozens of unique neighborhoods that are pretty, gritty, unassuming, friendly, aloof, and lived in. There’s not one Brooklyn; there are so many different, personal Brooklyns.

Back at the Whole Foods Market Brooklyn…

I personally love to go food shopping (and eating), so off I went with our lovely friend Patty who is one of my favorite dining companions. We marveled at the spacious and generous layout, the cool artwork, and the awesome selection of seafood. Plus, who wouldn’t love a store that staged this giant guy with two smaller fish in its mouth? Definitely an Instagram-worthy set-up if I’ve ever seen one.

You’ve got to appreciate a company that doesn’t take itself too seriously and can have a little fun. I wonder what other funny, photo-worthy moments they had stuck around the store.

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