Episode 10 :: Winter Survival Skills: Secret Showers; Flicks We Recommend; Why February Is the Worst

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Episode 10 :: Winter Survival Skills: Secret Showers; Flicks We Recommend; Why February Is the Worst | GirlsPoopRainbows.comWe’re deep into a snow-crazy season, so on this episode of Girls Poop Rainbows, we explore some topics that might help you to survive the season. First, we talk about the best/ worst/ quirkiest showers we’ve ever taken (a good shower can help alleviate the chill in your bones, people!), then Michelle shares a movie recommendation and I share a mini-series recommendation (always good to have something to watch on those long, dark nights!), and finally, we explore the reasons that February is the worst month in a new Trivial Shit Rant.


This week’s music is “Summer Skin” by Teen Girl Scientist Monthly. Check them out on SoundCloud or Facebook. Join us each week for featured music!

00:09 Intro & welcome
00:53 The best/worst/quirkiest showers we’ve taken
21:13 Flicks we recommend
33:43 Trivial Shit Rant
42:46 Thank you & song of the week

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One Comment

  1. Cabin Fever!!! Musket Treasure Island is the best. I need to go watch that again.

    Just getting caught back up on podcasts – probably the only upside to mandatory overtime at work.

    I am wholeheartedly on the February is the Worst bandwagon. Actually, this whole winter completely sucks. I am struggling SO HARD this year. I thought to myself “hey self, it wasn’t this bad last year – oh that’s right, you were splitting your winter between here and the desert last year, spending about 12 hours a day outside there and you know, WARM. No wonder you hate life right now.” I’m definitely going to become a snowbird when I get old.

    Cold sucks.

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