Episode 15 :: Adventures in Time; How Not to Pick Up a Girl; Spring in NYC

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Episode 15 :: Adventures in Time; How Not to Pick Up a Girl; Spring in NYCIt’s time for spring fever, here on Girls Poop Rainbows! But first, we explore (almost) unbelievable facts about history, share some life lessons about dating and how not to eff it up, and then we wax poetic about the awesome things there are to do in New York City in springtime!


This week’s music is Welcome to New York” by James Casto, courtesy of Music Alley by Mevio.  Join us each week for featured music!

Time stamps:
00:07 Intro & welcome
01:00 Crazy facts about historical events
25:33 How not to pick up a potential date
37:40 Fun things to do in New York
47:34 Thank you & song of the week

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  1. OK, I know y’all live in Hipster Central, but did you REALLY just say “artisanal bread store???” oh, New York. 🙂

    As far as pickups, I think I need to put it out there that the fingers in a V + tongue thing representing oral, that guys think is sexy, completely isn’t. Someone needs to spread the word to them that it’s just sleazy and creepy and NO WOMAN (at least that I’ve ever met) is ever enticed by it. Worst Pick Up Ever. Ew. Just…ew.

    • Hahaha–aka “bakeries”. We really are around hipsters too much…

  2. Favorite line of all time “that girl’s cute, send her a creepy message, that girl’s cute, send her a creepy message . . .”

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