Episode 18 :: Summer Reading, Calcified Babies, and Suicide Forests

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photoThis week, we get in the mood for summer with new suggestions from Michelle and my book corner. We also explore a new medical oddity: a sixty year-old stone baby and the 89 year-old, strong-willed lady in which it was found. Then we talk about ghost stories—just in time for your summer campfires.


This week’s music is “Leaves” by Ballerina Black, courtesy of Music Alley by Mevio.  Join us each week for featured music!

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Time stamps:

00:10 Intro
00:51 Book reviews
19:55 A new medical oddity
28:54 Ghost stories
41:05 Thank you & song of the week

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  1. New Christopher Moore??? Yay! I’ll have to check those out. I think that an easy way to explain him is that his stuff is like what would happen if Dave Barry was a goth. I liked Lamb, but I think my favorite of his is A Dirty Job.

    I have Packing for Mars downloaded to read, but I wasn’t really impressed with Bonk. It was kind of boring, in my opinion, but I’ve liked her in every interview I’ve seen of her, so I’m going to give this one a shot.

    Creepy stories!! I’ve always gone more for the creepy stories than the gory stories, so I didn’t do the RL Stine books, but I did read the crap out of the Joan Lowery Nixon books when I was a tween. That actually may explain a lot about me now…hmmm. Awkward personal realization!!!!

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