Episode 19 :: More Dating Foibles; We <3 Comics; Must-See Kids Movies

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Online-DatingIf you enjoyed our last humorous look at Zontee’s dating life, you’re in luck! We share more of the strange experiences that might be had during online dating (and share some really important tips on making that experience more pleasant!). Then, we explore the world of comics and graphic novels to share some of our favorites from over the years.* Finally, we take a look at Entertainment Weekly’s list of 55 essential kids’ movies, and we do what we do best: pick it apart.


*If you enjoy this conversation, check out our recent interview on Red Horse Radio, the fun podcast by Jon Towers, during which we talk about the merits of the new Thor being a woman! We had a blast!

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Time stamps:

00:07 Intro
00:52 Zontee’s dating life
19:08 Comics and graphic novels
32:41 Movies for kids
50:37 Thank you & song of the week

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  1. So I just looked at the list of films and think that “batteries not included” and “gremlins” should have been on there as they were great 80’s films I enjoyed a lot as a kid, even if the first time I saw gremlins it was a bit scary.
    Thanks for the podcast

    • Those are some great suggestions–thanks for sharing! Michelle and I were recently talking about “Batteries Not Included”, so we agree that it should be added 🙂

  2. Webcomics!

    I am a fan of Girls With Slingshots, by Danielle Corsetto. And PvP. Also, you HAVE to check out Max Overacts. It’s very Calvin and Hobbes-esque, and the art is so cool.
    (there would be links, but I’m on my phone…)

    Graphic novels, I think y’all would enjoy Strangers in Paradise.
    Y:the Last Man was also very well written, I’m just not a giant fan of how it ended. I’m sure they’ll make that into a movie eventually.

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