The Lost 20s of the Girls

Listeners, it seems that like a college-grad drunk on too much freedom and booze, our podcast seems to have taken a little hiatus to trek and live in the woods/a-hippie-commune/some-expat-village-overseas around the tender age (episode) of 21.

What has it been doing during this lost period? Probably meditating and learning some yogi moves, getting its heart broken by some mysterious stranger, and drinking unsavory tea. Plus I’d like to imagine that our podcast equipment went and discovered some cool pseudo-celebs to shadow instead of sitting on a basket on my desk. (And back in the real world, Michelle and I have kept pretty darn busy. Michelle continues to pursue her love of theater, studying to become a scenic painter in upstate NY, and I’ve been building my business, teaching grad students, and breaking my ankle.)

But I didn’t want to into yet another new year leaving you all hanging so…

For now, I don’t know if we’ll come back to this podcast–or if we do, if it will stay the same or if it will be a completely new format–but at any rate, we hope you’ll stay in touch on Twitter.