Episode 14: Unhealthy relationships with food, or foods born of an unhealthy relationship? We’ve got it all!

[Audio clip: view full post to listen] The newest episode is up, y’all!  In this episode we swing food heavy, but don’t eat while you’re listening because on this week’s episode we explore some gnarly cases of things turning up in… Continue Reading

Happy Pi Day!!

Hey y’alls.  It’s Pi Day(!) and to brighten your life wherever you are, here you go: Take this quiz to find out which pie you are; and also this because, why not?  You’re welcome.   So we’re sorry there’s no… Continue Reading

Episode 11 :: Neighborly Relations; Men’s Fashions for the Mid-Section; the Sports Drink that Wasn’t

[Audio clip: view full post to listen] Everyone has neighbor issues, but add them living directly above and below you and you get a one-way ticket to crazytown!  This week,  we discuss neighbors that are the worst. We also check out… Continue Reading

Happy February 14th!!

So it’s St. Valentine’s Day.  Today means different things to different people; some love it, some hate it, some don’t understand why it’s a thing.  Some forget about it, then remember when they decide to go out to eat and… Continue Reading

Men of Note

Hey ervrebawdy!! One of my super-talented friends from college, Daniel Sherrier, is an awesome author and playwright based in the outer-Richmond area of Virginia.  His work is cool and you should check it out.  But that’s not what leads me to… Continue Reading