Happy Pi Day!!

Hey y’alls.  It’s Pi Day(!) and to brighten your life wherever you are, here you go: Take this quiz to find out which pie you are; and also this because, why not?  You’re welcome.   So we’re sorry there’s no… Continue Reading

Scenes from SxSW (Plus No Episode This Week)

Hi Gang, I originally had this grand plan about having an episode edited for your enjoyment this week, but I tell ya–South by Southwest is exhausting (albeit pretty amazing and exhilarating too) and I haven’t had a minute to spare. Therefore, we’re… Continue Reading

Love, Partnership, and 3 Things We’re Doing Wrong

Since Michelle covered Valentine’s Day with a good dose of hilarity, I thought I’d come at it from a different tack. I recently read an article from Wait But Why that’s funny, well-written, and approaches the whole relationship experience with… Continue Reading

Happy February 14th!!

So it’s St. Valentine’s Day.  Today means different things to different people; some love it, some hate it, some don’t understand why it’s a thing.  Some forget about it, then remember when they decide to go out to eat and… Continue Reading

Men of Note

Hey ervrebawdy!! One of my super-talented friends from college, Daniel Sherrier, is an awesome author and playwright based in the outer-Richmond area of Virginia.  His work is cool and you should check it out.  But that’s not what leads me to… Continue Reading