Happy Pi Day!!

Hey y’alls.  It’s Pi Day(!) and to brighten your life wherever you are, here you go: Take this quiz to find out which pie you are; and also this because, why not?  You’re welcome.   So we’re sorry there’s no… Continue Reading

If you like hot cars, caffeine and hilarity, check out this show.

If you enjoyed the comic stylings of Jerry Seinfeld on his eponymous show and/or you just love to see comedians getting together to shoot the breeze and have a grand old time, I highly recommend the fun little series, Comedians… Continue Reading

We’re Rocketing Up the Charts!!

Hey friends! Great news! We’re featured as one of the Most Popular New Podcasts of the Week. Although I guess…as our good friend, photographer and yarn guru Franklin Habit said, “You poop rainbows, people notice.” Thanks so much for all… Continue Reading

Girls Who Rock: Teen Girl Scientist Monthly

After college, my first “real apartment” was actually a converted loft in Bushwick. Now I know what you’re thinking—God, Zontee, you are such a B.S. New York stereotype…why don’t you just jump off a cliff—but this was WAYYYY before Bushwick… Continue Reading

Awesome Sauce: A Cult Comedy Christmas Carol

Here at Girls Poop Rainbows, you can probably tell that we love to have fun. We also love to be entertained, dammit! Therefore, here’s a quick shout-out to our friends at Cult Comedy Picture Show and their upcoming show, this… Continue Reading