Help Support an International Musical Journey

A few months ago, my friend, producer Patrick Terry, told me about an incredible project that he was working on. It was a physical pilgramage, a series of concerts, and the making of a documentary−all in one. Featuring internationally acclaimed… Continue Reading

Bring Your Brilliant Idea to Life

We know that you guys are some of the funniest, most brilliant listeners there are on the interwebs. Not only are you guys full of pithy one liners and great suggestions for us, you probably also have amazing ideas about… Continue Reading

Twitter Round-Up: Crazy Articles You May Have Missed

If you love the wild and wacky articles and stories that we talk about on the show, you’ll definitely want to check out our Twitter account for highlights of all the crazy that’s happening on the interwebs. Need some convincing?… Continue Reading

Get Fancy at BUST Craftacular’s Primped

Listeners! If you’re going to be in NYC this weekend, be sure to check out an upcoming event from our friends over at BUST Craftacular. Here’s what they have to say: Featuring vintage and handmade clothing, accessories, and beauty products;… Continue Reading

Spring Break! Partaaaayyyy. (We’re Taking a Short Hiatus.)

Since the lovely and talented Michelle is currently out of town working as a scenic painter on a show, we’re taking a short break for the next 2-3 weeks. Never fret, listeners! You can take this as an opportunity to… Continue Reading